2018 Apple MacBook Now Suffering from Crackling Speakers

Just when it seemed that all problems are gone for buyers of Apple’s new 2018 MacBook, here’s another issue that may soon become widespread as well.

A growing number of customers are reporting crackling sounds from their MacBook speakers, and by the looks of things, the issue appears at random times with no clear pattern established so far.

There doesn’t seem to be a specific app triggering the issue, and a report from MacRumors points to a number of causes suggested by users, including radio interference due to a lack of shielding, audio drivers, and the T2 chip.

However, the crackling sound shows up occasionally regardless of the app running on the MacBook, including iTunes, YouTube videos, and even when running Windows on Boot Camp.

Videos that have been posted on YouTube reveal how the problem affects audio performance, and posts on read more)

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