3 sure ways you can make money from blogging

If you have been thinking on how to make money blogging, here is what you have to do

You’ve seen people making money from blogging and you wonder how they make it just by publishing news stories and articles on their websites.

You’ve probably heard about people buying cars and houses by sitting down in a corner of their rooms with their laptops, and after some months of hard work, they are smiling to the banks.
You might have also attended seminars on how to make money blogging but you didn’t get enough gist on how to monetize your blog. Don’t worry, I will show you what you’ve been looking for free of charge.

No, no, don’t thank me now. Read about the three ways you can make money by blogging first and thank me later.

1.  Sponsored Content

Once your blog site becomes reputable for creating useful, fantastic and relevant contents, you can start generating income with sponsored contents.
How does this work?  A company will pay you to craft soft-sell content that centers around its product or service and if you impress them, you guys can become partners.

2. Advertising


Advertising is another way you can make money from blogging. However, to make any income through this, you need a decent amount of traffic to convince advertisers to publicise their products or services on your site.
When you have that traffic that will make advertisers run after you, you can monetize your blog’s layout, ie, the header, sidebars, bottom strips etc with different advertising options.

3. Affiliate Links

Affiliate links allow you to monetize your blog site by featuring products and services sold by other companies in your blog content.

How does it work? It’s easy. Affiliate links are clickable text and text images that you place within your blog contents. When your readers click the links they are directed to the affiliate company’s website. If they complete action on the site,  say they filled a form, buy a product or sign up for an email subscription, you’ll get a commission.

What are you waiting for?

Now you can step up your blogging game. Publish relevant contents, follow best practices and don’t get tired if money isn’t coming yet. When you make the best of efforts, money and advertisers will find you. Na dem go rush you!

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