Apostle Suleman: 5 things to know about popular preacher and his church

Apostle Suleman: What to know about popular cleric & church

Did you know the controversial Man of God's nickname is 'The Oracle?'

Below are five things you need to know about Apostle Johnson Suleman and his church - Omega Fire Ministries.

They are:

Origin story

The cleric's birth can be traced to Benin, the capital of Edo state. Interestingly there is no record online of his year of birth but he celebrates his birthday on March 24. He was raised by a Muslim father and a Christian mother, who separated at some point.

He described his growing up with a strict mother in an interview with Encomium. In his words, "My mother laid down the rule that you must be home by 6 pm. If you come home at 7 pm, she would open the door for you. Then, she was in the police force. She would open the door and spray tear gas into the room. That's where you'd be locked up and you'd be battling till the morning to breathe. She was very tough. You can only think of getting out of the room if you can find your way to the door. It was a horrible experience.

"But now, I am happy that I went through that training. She had instilled discipline in us but then I didn't like my mother. When I went to my father's house, we were free to do all sorts of corrupt things."


From Cultist to Pastor

Reportedly, some prophets from Warri in Delta state visited his parents a few days his birth. They said Apostle Suleman was going to be a preacher. Despite this prophecy, he is said to have hated Christians and the entire religion.

As a young man in desperate need of acceptance, The Cable reports that he joined a cult.

In his words, "I was a dignified cultist. I am from a home of separated parents. My parents had some issues. Any child from a home like that is bound to fall into the streets. So, I got into school and I wanted acceptance somewhere. Someone told me that there is something called brotherhood and that I would be accepted as a family member and I liked it. I didn't know there was a beating part and being taken to the bush.

"I didn't like that. But you have to go into it. What I always avoided then was the assignments. I was just like a floor member. I would go to meetings and when assigned to do something and I couldn't, I had to look for someone to do it and pay for it. I was not really happy but I was there."

His life changed drastically when he had a  divine intervention years later.  "I went to bed on December 24, and I woke up on December 26. I didn't see Christmas day," he said. "I slept all through. In the midst of that, I was seeing hell, heaven and a voice told me that I was going to be a preacher. I woke up and went to meet a Mallam and he said I should go and do some recitations. But when I went back, I felt beaten."

This vision eventually led to the establishment of his church in 2004. The name, Omega Fire Ministries, came from a message from God: "Put an end to affliction; I AM SENDING YOU WITH AN OMEGA ANOINTING…"


The International Headquarters is located at KM 132, Okene/Abuja Expressway, Auchi, Edo State. It can also be found in Lagos, Enugu, Abuja, Kano, Akwa Ibom states, Houston, Texas, South Africa, Ghana, New Jersey, Maryland USA, Turkey, to mention a few.

Fun Fact - Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is his spiritual father.

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The church "believes in judgment on the wicked. We believe oppressions and demonic manipulations are real."

The ministry also believes that "all power belongs to God and that the enemy has no scriptural right to manipulate the destinies of believers."

Biggest accomplishment

Speaking with Vanguard, he revealed that God is his greatest achievement.

"As for the achievements, we have several daily, weekly, monthly, yearly achievements but the greatest of it all is that we have the Most High God with us in all our ways," he said.

On the other hand, his biggest issue is the devil and the flesh. "Men of God called to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in truth cannot be separated from having challenges in their various assignments as challenges are part of the call," he told Vanguard. "The general challenge in respective of the call is the flesh and the devil. If these two things are removed, there won't be any challenge."


Apostle Suleman, whose nickname is 'The Oracle' is happily married to Reverend (Dr.) Lizzy Johnson Suleman. They got married in 2004. The couple celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary on June 5, 2018.


They are blessed with four girls and one boy.

Watch the video below to see him preach about the love for God.

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