Apple Gearing Up for the Most Successful iPhone Launch Since iPhone 6

Apple’s 2018 iPhone launch is just around the corner, and by the looks of things, there are high expectations that the more affordable LCD version would become a smash hit.

A new report from Digitimes indicates that Apple expects to ship up to 75 million units this year alone, and if this happens, the 2018 iPhone lineup becomes the most successful it released since the iPhone 6.

Launched in 2014, iPhone 6 was considered the last major truly successful iPhone model, as all the following upgrades, except for the iPhone X, were based on its design and mostly brought changes in terms of hardware.

If these figures are indeed accurate, the 2018 iPhone lineup can indeed generate the highly-anticipated super-cycle, driving more customers to new-generation iPhones and thus leaving behind old models like the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6.

The Cupertino-based tech giant isn’t the only company that has high expect... (read more)

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