Dead Cells Review (PC)

I wake up in a dungeon with no recollection of who I am and what am I doing here. A weirdly looking scribe tells me that I'm different than the others and that I can't die, so armed with a Rusty Sword I dash forward eager to test my newly gained immortality. I pick up a Beginner's Bow and avoid equipping the Old Wooden Shield on my way to what appears to be a door.

That's how Dead Cells, the roguelike-metroidvania hybrid video game developed by Motion Twin, started for me each of the 35 runs I played over a span of 15 hours. Dead Cells has everything a challeging roguelike action platformer could have and than some, which what makes it so addictive.

But it's not the quantity or quality of the gameplay features it has to offer, but the simplicity of the leveling system and combat. The formula is pretty simple and effective at the same time: you wake up in a prison and must escape by going through a series of maps that are procedurally generated, as well as different... (read more)

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