Debian-Based Neptune Linux 5.5 Operating System Released with LibreOffice 6.1

Neptune Linux developer Leszek Lesner announced today the release and general availability of Neptune 5.5, an incremental update to the Neptune Linux 5 operating system series that brings the latest technologies and software updates.

Coming only a month after the Neptune 5.4 release that introduced a new dark theme and updated several components, Neptune 5.5 bumps the kernel version to Linux kernel 4.17.8 and updates the graphics stack to Mesa 18.1.6, AMDGPU DDX 18.0.1, Nouveau DDX 1.0.15, and ATI/Radeon DDX 18.0.1.

"This update represents the current state of Neptune 5 and renews the ISO file so if you install Neptune you don't have to download tons of Updates," writes Leszek Lesner in today's announcement. "In this update we improved hardware support further by providing Linux Kernel 4.17.8 with improved drivers and bugfixes."

Latest Intel microcode now available

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