Depression: How to overcome mental state with the Holy Spirit's help

Fear and Anxiety: Overcome depression with 5 Bible verses

Actress Yvonne Orji reveals how the Holy Spirit helped her defeat depression and her financial struggles.

Want to know how to overcome depression with the Holy Spirit's help? Then you should probably continue reading.

Actress Yvonne Orji (Molly on the HBO series "Insecure"), recently opened up about her struggles with this mental state in an episode of the Jesus & Jollof podcast with fellow Nigerian writer Luvvie Ajayi. She goes on to say that she was only able to overcome with the help of the Holy Spirit.

She starts from the very beginning, narrating how failed attempts at acting led to a deep depression.

In her words, "I was literally looking depression in the face. I could have let it take me out but it was just like, 'God I've done everything as right as I could.' I'm even helping other people live out their dreams when I don't even have my dream yet. But I'm never going to be stingy, I'm always going to be a giver."


Orji recalled how bad things got, admitting that there were times she didn't have enough money to attend church.

She said, "I said 'God if you want me to volunteer at the church I need gas money.' And there was sometimes where I only had enough money to get to church or to get to the Bible study. I was like, 'God somebody is going to have to bless me with money to get back.'"

In those times, God would come through and she would feel a little better.

"Each time somebody on Facebook would be like, 'hey God put it on my heart to give you $200 in your Paypal,'" the actress testified. "I promise you."

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How the Holy Spirit helped actress overcome depression

Things didn't really change until she got a word from the Holy Spirit in October 2014. At the time, she remembers crying after seeing so many young people living her dreams at the NBC Universal Short Film Festival.

Recalling how angry she was with God, she says she heard the Holy Spirit ask something that changed her life. She said she was asked, "What's in your hand?"

Upon studying her Bible the next day, she stumbled upon Psalm 31: 14–15 which states, "I trust in you, O times are in your hand."

This verse took away all the depression leaving her motivated to work on her First Gen web series - a semi-autobiographical sitcom. This eventually led to her joining the hit HBO show "Insecure," which is currently on its third season.


Yvonne Orji is one of the celebrities that has been very open about their Christian faith.

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