Dual-Screen Devices Are Here and Microsoft’s Andromeda Is Late to the Party

Dual-screen devices are likely the next big thing in tech, and while Microsoft keeps pushing back its own project called Andromeda, others are a lot more committed to bringing such products to the market.

One of these companies is Lenovo, who has recently unveiled the new-generation Yoga Book C930 at the IFA show in Berlin. The new Yoga Book uses a dual-screen form factor that expands its capabilities beyond the typical laptop approach, enhancing drawing, writing, and reading in a truly innovative way.

The new-generation model uses a 10.8-inch display connected to a secondary E-Ink screen with the same dimensions. The LCD display uses a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels, but the E-Ink sibling is the one getting all the attention.

Not only that it can double as a keyboard with haptic feedback to make the whole experience as natural as possible, but it can also convert to a drawing board when a pen is being used. You can write and draw on the screen just like on a typi... (read more)

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