Google Chrome Now Features Windows 10 Notifications

Google Chrome, which is currently the world’s number one desktop browser, has finally received support for notifications in Windows 10.

Users of Chrome 68 are getting the update gradually this week, with all notifications to align with the new model in Windows 10 and be displayed in the lower right corner and in the Action Center.

Furthermore, Google Chrome notifications will also work with other Windows 10 features, like Focus Assist, which is a new feature integrated into April 2018 Update to automatically silent notifications when playing games or in presentation mode.

Peter Beverloo, Google engineer working on the Web Platform for Chrome and Android, says the search giant worked together with Microsoft to bring native notifications to Windows 10.

“Metrics show a slight decrease in CTR, something to be aware of if you're a Web developer using notifications. It should pick up again as people get used to their notifications being in the Action Center. Support fo... (read more)

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