How to Automatically Relaunch Mozilla Firefox After Restarting Windows 10

Mozilla Firefox is currently the world’s second most used desktop browser, according to third-party statistics, after leader Google Chrome, which controls some 60 percent of the PC world.

And while many stick with Chrome for their own reasons, others believe Mozilla Firefox is a much better choice in all regards, especially in terms of usability.

Truth be told, Firefox is improving substantially with every single release, and most often, new versions also include early implementations of features that would become available to everyone at a later time.

Such an example is a feature that’s currently part of Mozilla Firefox and which allows the browser to be automatically relaunched after rebooting Windows 10.

Microsoft’s new operating system can restore a session when restarting, with all applications running when the reboot was triggered automatically relaunched when it gets back to the desktop. This way, Windows 10 offers more consistency, which comes in handy es... (read more)

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