How to Disable Command Prompt in Windows 10 April 2018 Update

The Windows Command Prompt continues to be an incredibly handy tool that’s mostly used by IT pros or more advanced users, but on the other hand, it also allows beginners to do things that would otherwise be impossible from the OS UI.

Even if PowerShell is now the preferred choice for many, Command Prompt is still there in Windows 10, and it remains one of the most used apps for a significant number of users.

But on the other hand, while it’s such a helpful piece of software, it’s more of a double-edged sword. Because for rookies who don’t know exactly what Command Prompt can do, not only that it makes everything look too complex and sometimes overwhelming, but it also lets them do things they wouldn’t otherwise be supposed to do.

Restricting access to Command Prompt isn’t exactly a straightforward process, mostly because Microsoft hasn’t included such settings in Windows 10.

And while you can do it, several steps are required, and depending on the Windows 10 vers... (read more)

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