Incorrect iOS Update Popups Hitting a Large Number of iPhones

A growing number of iPhones and iPads are currently receiving an incorrect iOS update notification despite no update actually being available.

The prompt shows up every time the device is unlocked and reads “A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 12 beta.” Users need to manually close the popup every time, and a check for updates on an iPhone experiencing this issue returns no result.

By the looks of things, the messages started showing up on August 27, which coincidentally or not, is the same day when Apple shipped the last iOS 12 beta to users.

Guilherme Rambo suggests on Twitter that the problem is caused by a bug in the latest beta builds which incorrectly checks the iPhone for the build expiry date, therefore issuing update prompts.

“It looks like this method in Springboard does some date/time calculations to determine if the current build is about to expire, every ti... (read more)

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