Is Bloatware Such a Big Problem in Windows 10?

The days when new computers came with various antivirus solutions, apps, or games pre-installed aren’t entirely gone, as some manufacturers and retails continue selling such devices despite the public backlash towards this strategy.

No matter if it’s a security solution or apps developed by the computer maker, bloatware has always been one of the biggest annoyances, especially when customers pay for the products that eventually get cluttered with unwanted apps.

It’s not a secret that the more skilled of us used to clean-install Windows on new computers just to get rid of these software applications, as sometimes starting from scratch is actually a lot easier than manually removing every one of them.

On Windows 10, bloatware has represented one of the most discussed topics ever since the company shipped the first version in July 2015. Games like Candy Crush Saga ended up being offered to users no matter if it was a fresh install or... (read more)

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