Logitech Brio Stream 4K Edition Review

Logitech Brio Stream 4K Edition is a webcam designed for the new wave of people that are creating high-quality content, especially in gaming. That also means that it’s not cheap, but good things never are.

Webcams used to be a poor man's camera, used mostly for video calls. They’ve been around for a long time, but unlike other technologies, they haven’t changed all that much. Sure, they have much better resolution than ever before, and they are integrating some neat features, but they remained the same, for the most part.

The advent of streaming, on Twitch, Youtube, and other platforms is changing the landscape and is forcing companies to bring much better products to the market. People are no longer satisfied with some of the basic solutions available right now, and they are demanding more. Logitech has answered the call, but don’t imagine that they are the only ones, and there is some fierce competition.

This also means that lap... (read more)

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