Microsoft Announces Super Zoom Feature for OneDrive on iPhone

The most recent version of OneDrive comes with new goodies on iOS, including a Super Zoom feature that makes it possible to find a specific photo much easier than before.

With the update to version 10.29.6, OneDrive for iOS receives new functionality called Super Zoom, whose purpose is to let you zoom through the photos stored in the cloud to find a specific picture without actually opening each individually. Microsoft explains in the release notes:

“It’s now easier than ever to view and find photos thanks to a cool new feature we’re calling Super Zoom. Use this super feature by pinching in and out to zoom through your photos. It’s now easier than ever to find the memories you’re looking for. Super!”

New features for OneDrive

There are also several other features that the company is working on, but the most important are specifically designed for OneDrive for Business. For instance, a future OneDrive update will bring options to upload photos tak... (read more)

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