Microsoft Edge Overtakes Google Chrome in Android and iOS Ratings

Microsoft Edge isn’t the most popular browser right now, but it’s growing fast, and living proof is a recent achievement that was highlighted on Twitter by a company official himself.

The browser has managed to overtake Google Chrome for Android and iOS as far as app store ratings are concerned, which shows that Microsoft Edge is an application that’s rated better on both platforms.

While this may not be impressive at first given the difference in terms of download count, Microsoft Edge overtaking Google Chrome shows that the software giant is playing the right card here and improving the browser with the features that users need the most.

Right now, Microsoft Edge has a rating of 4.4 points on the Google Play Store, while Google Chrome is just a little behind with 4.3 points. On the App Store, Microsoft Edge has a 4.2 rating versus 3.7 in the case of Google Chrome.

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