Most Drivers Think Apple CarPlay Is Better than Android Auto for Whatever Reason

The battle between Google and Apple doesn’t just come down to Android versus iOS, as the two companies are also fighting for domination behind the wheel with their very own Android Auto and CarPlay, respectively.

And according to a new survey conducted by J.D. Power, Apple is the one winning this fight, as for some reason CarPlay has a higher satisfaction rate than Android Auto.

The survey shows that on a 1,000 point scale, CarPlay beats Android Auto 777 to 748, despite unsurprisingly, most drivers preferring Google Maps over Apple Maps.

Google’s mapping service is the navigation solution that 56 percent of the drivers use, while only 23 percent picked Apple Maps. Traffic navigation app Waze is third with just 16 percent.

“Factory-installed navigation systems are easily replaced by another device. In fact, 19% of new-vehicle owners who have factory-instal... (read more)

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