Mozilla Firefox 61.0.2 Now Available for Download

Mozilla has recently released a new version of Firefox browser, and while the update may seem minor at first glance, it does include some worthy improvements that are worth a look.

With this new build, Firefox reaches version 61.0.2 on supported platforms, and it includes refinements that will specifically come in handy to users on Windows.

Firefox 61.0.2 can automatically restore a browsing session when Windows restarts, according to Mozilla’s official changelog. The feature is gradually released to users, and it should reach 100 percent availability in the coming weeks, the company says.

“Adds support for automatically restoring your Firefox session after Windows restarts. Currently, this feature is not enabled by default for most users, but will be gradually enabled over the coming weeks,” Mozilla explains.

Windows-exclusive feature

Technically, after updating to version 61.0.2, Firefox should be able to automatically restore all tabs when th... (read more)

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