New Graphics Driver Available from AMD - Get Radeon Pro 18.Q3

AMD has announced the availability of a new version of its FirePro/Radeon Pro Enterprise Graphics driver, namely the 18.Q3 package, which adds a Fan Control option that allows configuring the speed under the Global Tuning tab.

In addition to that, the producer resolves Rhino 6 and Rhino 6.5 hangs when doing rendered mode, fixes issues with Smode Studio, CorelDRAW, and Dassault ICEM Surf, and improves compatibility between Siemens Femap and Radeon Pro WX 9100 cards. 

Moreover, the current update also fixes memory leaks seen with “Vega”-based hardware on Windows 7, removes some bugs that caused problems for FirePro W8100, FirePro W9100, and FirePro 7150 GPUs, and implements a few other features highlighted in the Release Notes below.

However, AMD’s release might still experience some Viewport corruption while using Blender, as well as app crashes in Notch (when enabling “sliced geometry” feature), Siemens FEMAP (with “Vega”-based hardware), Solidworks 2015 APC, 2017... (read more)

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