Opera Wants to Be World's First PC Web Browser with a Built-In Crypto Wallet

Opera Software announced that it plans to bring its famous crypto wallet used on the Opera for Android mobile web browser to the desktop on Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms, in an upcoming Opera for PC stable release.

Opera was already the world's first web browser to introduce a built-in crypto wallet when Opera Software announced it for its Opera for Android mobile web browser, allowing users to do seamless transactions on the Internet while promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the mainstream.

Now, the Chinese company behind the Chromium-based proprietary web browser wants to make its Opera for PC web browser the world's first desktop browser to feature a built-in crypto wallet that will utilize the mobile app by allowing you to buy things on your desktop and confirm the purchases on your smartphone.

"By adding a crypto wallet directly into the browser, we removed the need for... (read more)

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