Pulse Blogger: Daddy Freeze: The atheist in the service of scams

Nigeria: Shocking - Firms Indicted for Multi-Billion Subsidy Fraud to Lift Nigerian Crude

Daddy Freeze wants to rid Christianity in Nigeria – of what he calls – scams, but he’s selling his scam, solely as the answer against everything else.

He attacks, disparages, insults, fudges and takes advantage. He has a few talking points, never wants to hear anything else and uses his scam to promote food sales as well as an online nonsense he calls a church.

He roves in deception. He felt he could destroy the Church and use that to make a name for himself or build something, but he lacks originality, lacks new ideas, he’s frightened and those who learn from him are unlikely to be better than him – a very low thinking individual.

Everything he’s so certain of, or thinks he knows – against true Churchesis false. Nothing he can ever say that cannot be convincingly countered.

Real Christians thrive on true Faith and true Hope but he calls it a scam. He thought selling despondency and asperity could cast them off their pedestal of Faith, but he failed.

He never talks about electricity, because he knows the Church is not responsible for electricity cuts – a major problem in Nigeria. He talks about poverty, but the Church does not control what people earn, or spend, or the general conditions of living.

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Scams in Service of Poverty

Internet fraud seems to be the most popular in Nigeria, but there are massive amounts of frauds and scams elsewhere.

There are corporate frauds, those that go on without detection, but align with products, purchase, or service.

It is often a way to make more, on the side – along regular earnings. There are also approvals motivated by frauds, so it benefits those involved.

It looks from the outside like many of those involved would never need such, but it seems Nigeria bends most people to desperation to pay for the failures of the society.

There are so many unexpected costs, rising costs, and several losses that can come from any direction. These, aside fear of poverty or saving or assets, made many turn to fraud to maintain a standard.

There are also losses from cheating by others. Nigeria has governments’ dedication to corruption. There are also frauds churches with fake pastors, hypocrites and massive greed.

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But fraud is wickedness and a sin. In situations where fraud is the purpose, great progress is rarely made. There is progress, but a lot of it is a sham.

Most problems in Nigeria often result from scams, frauds and corruption, but sometimes the immediate problem seem to be incompetence, cronyism, nepotism, apathy, laziness, low standards, low quality, etc.

If the ATM of a major bank is always down on weekends or evenings, or there are always queues of people in the sun looking miserable like they are there to beg, it is mostly caused by some futility somewhere that if really queried may align with some corporate fraud culture.

Seems extreme to say, sorry; there may not be actual fraud in operations, but the fraud culture of negligence – and absurdity goes, even for a private organization yelling innovation but common efficiency they can’t, says everything.

The solution maybe simple, incremental, or reachable, but because the change may rip off persons benefiting from the situation, it would likely remain that way.

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Daddy Freeze Scam

There are several people living within their means and focused on integrity in spite of frauds and scams everywhere. They sometimes seem to let their guards down and trust certain others, but learn the same lesson that reminds them of the culture.

One sign of a scammer is one who calls everything a scam – all the time. They carry in their heart that this thing is a scam, genuine or not.

They’re continually on guard against scams. All their intellectual ability is to question everything. But they are often perpetrators, who know what they can do, but don’t want it done to them.

The noise of Daddy Freeze all the time that Church in Nigeria is a scam, or fraud, or his disparaging of the Old Testament, or anything with genuine Christianity shows that he’s a scam trying to do what he accused others of doing.

But at least he is failing: he’s selling shirts, getting vain donations, adverting food, helping blogs get clicks, selling audio CDs, getting idlers to wear his shirts and helping Nigeria stay distracted.

These were not the successes he anticipated, and his supporters always beg him to help them travel – showing they need heavy help.

He had in the past balked at criticizing government, responding to people he had chosen his own struggle, but of late, he has been attacking the government, because the failure of his lie campaign is coming at him faster and he’s testing all kinds of alternatives.

It is unfortunate for any individual to be brainwashed by Daddy Freeze: a destroyer, a liar, talentless, atheist and terminally obtuse.

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Churches are not responsible to build factories in Nigeria. Manufacturers can do that. Churches are not meant to provide free education in Nigeria, but Churches can provide specialized education and Solutions Universities, etc. Churches are for true Faith, true Hope and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth.

There was a message many years ago, with centers around Nigeria. They had semblance of temple worship but – centrally – against Christ Jesus and Christianity. The buildings were cool, the branding was great, and it seemed to grow.

Several years later it failed, faded and became forgotten. Of late, one of the old centers in Mainland [Lagos] has – now – been converted to a Church.

Written by Nneka Okumazie

Twitter/IG: Okumazie

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