Pulse Blogger: Daddy Freeze is not wrong

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It is safe to say after several months of his campaign against the Church that Daddy Freeze is not wrong.

He said so much about Churches, Pastors and Christianity in Nigeria.

Many loved him and understood him. Others attacked him and said different stuff about him, but he kept saying the same things.

Recently on his Instagram he wrote, “as long as Churches build schools with church funds and church members cannot attend for free, poverty will continue to blossom unhindered!”

This is not wrong at all because it is coming from a mad man. His recent life – struck – with terminal insanity makes him dish folly to those who listen to him.

Usually, right or wrong is often bifurcated within normal – human – actions. But madness is as irregular as daddy freeze acts and thinks.

Churches are not responsible for poverty in Nigeria, neither is it their responsibility to lift people out of poverty. Whatever people earn, or spend, or the conditions of living of the poor are not on the Church.

How would any sensible person ever say it is Church universities that are responsible to taper the poverty in Nigeria?

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Whatever is the failure of Church universities, it is the same with every other university in Nigeria. Most universities have low impact to societal solutions, to genius-inducing smartness and to passion-for-real-change projects.

Tuition is not the criterion for good or bad education. Just affordability or unaffordability guarantees nothing for prosperity for the students or for the nation.

Cheap schools or expensive schools are everywhere in Nigeria, yet they give little understanding that presents paths to major solutions. Graduates are abundant, so is poverty because of low earnings and high costs.

Insanity Incontinence

Everything that is important to daddy freeze is worthless to national development and to character development. There is nothing he has ever said that can solve any problem for Nigeria or make anything work in the life of any truly useful person.

His schizophrenia will not allow him rest, so he would blame the Church for everything. His efforts are to pass his disturbed mind to those who listen to him, so they can repeat his delusions and quit reality.

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If daddy freeze and all his supporters are truly smart, they should pick on any problem in Nigeria to solve. If they are smarter than the Church, they should use their intelligence to solve something.

Of all the problems in Nigeria, he has never proposed any solution – original or useful. Electricity generation or distribution needs pathways for solution, he can never say anything.

How can education in Nigeria be far better, how can there be better employment, water, health, roads, food, etc.? They all know nothing.

They cling to their insanity, thinking the ability to argue over the Bible or make a choice not to believe the Christian Faith means smartness.

True Churches are for true Faith, true Hope and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth. Daddy freeze has done all he can to ruin the Church, but he failed. What else from posting videos every day, or typing his derangement online?

All the campaigns have amounted to nothing for the good of Nigeria, and will not. What are the alternatives to Church that he has presented?

Just to buy his internet food, shirts and delusions. Following daddy freeze is a sure way to become nothing.

The giving in Church he’s against is a personal, voluntary decision, based on Faith and similar to any social spending.

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There are far more constant and expensive social spending people do to make themselves feel better than what people give in Church.

Giving in true Churches is still under an individual’s control and discretion. It is expected to be done cheerfully and with true Faith.

All the Churches in the Epistles surely had some support by the members. Apostle Paul was given to by the brethren from Macedonia and those in Philippians.

Rebuttals can be great and interesting – on important stuff, but with daddy freeze and his drunken psychosis it is too advanced.

Written by Nneka Okumazie

Twitter/IG: Okumazie

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