Samsung Rolls Out Press Release to Comment on Galaxy Note 9 Rumors

Samsung has published a press release not to announce the Galaxy Note 9, but to discuss the latest rumors hinting at features coming to its device.

While this is clearly an unusual thing for a company the size of Samsung, what the South Korean actually does is confirm some of the latest speculations on the Note 9, as it discusses the storage increase, the bigger battery, and the gaming improvements.

Obviously, Samsung does not provide any specifics, but it does suggest that all these areas would come with substantial refinements.

Rumor has it that the Note 9 could feature a 4,000 mAh battery that could easily get anyone through the day, as well as with a storage increase of up to 512GB. Furthermore, it’s believed the Note 9 may feature 8GB RAM as well.

Press launch today in New York

The press release was published on the company’s Spanish website  (translated version read more)

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