Tails 3.9 Anonymous OS Is Coming September 5 with TrueCrypt & VeraCrypt Support

The Linux-based Tails operating system is getting a new release early next month that will bring some much-anticipated technologies along with the latest and greatest software updates.

That's right, we're talking about Tails 3.9, which is currently in development with a Release Candidate ready for public testing as we speak. As we reported a few weeks ago, Tails devs planned on implementing support for opening VeraCrypt encrypted drives in the GNOME desktop environment that's used by default in Tails.

Tails 3.9 promises to be the first release to ship with VeraCrypt support, but it also looks like there will be support for opening TrueCrypt encrypted volumes as well, straight from your GNOME desktop. Moreover, this release will integrate the "Additional Software Packages" feature into the desktop.

It also promises to revamp the interface of the "Configure Persistent Volume" dialog, and bring latest software updates, including the Tor Browser 8.0 anonymous web brow... (read more)

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