Tips & Tricks: How to survive the rainy season in Nigeria

How to survive the rainy season in Nigeria

It's that time of the year again when we have to protect ourselves against the rain, heat and mosquitoes.

After that limbo that comes after the dry/harmattan season, comes the rainy season. For farmers, it is a sign of good fortune for harvest but otherwise, it can be brutal. Here is how you can survive it.

According to Wikipedia, the rainy season in Nigeria lasts for only three to four months (June–September) and, depending on what region of the country it is, it can do more harm than good. In addition to having your weather forecast app as your best friend, there are many other things that need to be done to prepare for the rainy season in Nigeria.

Always carry an umbrella


It goes without saying that during the rainy season, having an umbrella with you (in your bag, in your car, etc) can come very handy. Purchase a strong, durable umbrella that can last many seasons. If carrying an umbrella is not possible,other alternatives are raincoat and showercaps.


Wear warm clothes but let them be easily removable. This is because, sometimes, during rainy season, it is chilly moments after it has rained but very hot after that so don't be deceived as to wear warm clothes all day. It is not always so though. At night, however, it gets really cold so dress appropriately.

Buy rubber footwear and bags


Rubber footwear saves you from getting your real footwear damaged by the water. They are an essential need for the season. Rubber bags can keep your expensive designer bags from being soiled too.

Avoid water pooling around your house

To avoid stagnant water, get rid of places where water can pool around your house. Unclog drainages and suckaways to ensure a good drainage system.

Install your mosquito net


Due to stagnant water pooling all around from the rain, more mosquitoes tend to breed in the area. Hence try as much as possible to keep from being bit by the mosquitoes as this causes malaria. Purchase a mosquito net and install over your bed. This is advisable to have all through the year as the mosquitoes are common all through seasons in Nigeria.

Maintain your car

Because of the water, equip your cars with what they need to survive when the rains get heavy. Fix/Replace your wipers, check your batteries, fix your air conditioning and light systems.

Take lots of Vitamin C

To reduce your susceptibility to cold/flu during the rainy season, you have to take lots of vitamin C. Eat fruits, vegetables and Vitamin C tablets.

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