Unavowed Review (PC)

Developer Wadjet Eye is well-known among adventure games fans for its stellar titles that are just a pretext to discuss some of the humanity's biggest problems. The Blackwell series, Primordia, Shardlight, and Technobabylon are some of the studio's best games to date, but come August 8 another title will join Wadjet Eye's solid portfolio: Unavowed.

Unavowed is a point and click adventure game with a twist. When you start the game, you get to choose a male or female protagonist, and three playable origin stories (or professions). Also, four companions will help you throughout the game, but you'll only be able to take two with you at all times. The catch is that all puzzles in the game can be solved with any party combination, so there's no wrong choice when you decide who's going to help you solve your next case.

Although the game tackles a theme that Wadjet Eye is very comfortable with – the supernatural, Unavowed offers players an in-depth look at the underworld. ... (read more)

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