Why You Should Never Use a Cheap, Unbranded Battery in Your Phone

Sooner or later, the level of battery degradation of any smartphone on the market these days increases to the point where the battery itself needs to be replaced.

And unfortunately, most often people start looking for more affordable options, as the majority of phone makers, OEMs, carriers, and authorized service providers typically provide such repairs and components at a rather hefty price.

In the case of the iPhone, for instance, replacing the battery in an Apple Store costs no less than $79 – a discounted battery replacement program that runs throughout 2018 allows you to get a brand new genuine unit for just $29.

However, the costs of replacing a worn-out or damaged battery on a smartphone are most often too big for many people to agree with it, so instead they search online for cheaper alternatives like unbranded battery packs sold on sites similar to eBay.

This means that instead of paying close to a hundred dollars for a genuine battery that’s being insta... (read more)

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