Almost 42 Million E-Mail Usernames and Passwords Found on Kayo

Troy Hunt, the man behind the "Have I been pwned?" service designed to help you find out if your account is part of a recent data breach, reported that almost 42 million credential records have been found by in their database.

Although this story starts like all data breach stories start, this one is very different. Instead of a website being breached and leaking millions of records, this time the website admins are the heroes seeing that's admins were the ones who let Hunt know something fishy was going on.

More precisely, Hunt was contacted by the guys behind the public anonymous hosting service who let him know that they found a huge 1.8 GB collection of 755 files recently uploaded on their servers.

According to Troy Hunt's report, most of those files contained lists of record in the form of username: password, known to be used as the start.

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