Apple Leaks iPhone XR Ahead of Official Launch

Apple will unveil three different iPhone models in just a few hours, and one of them is projected to be a more affordable configuration whose name was still uncertain.

Until now, that is, as the Cupertino-based tech giant itself has leaked the names of the new model through code included in the sitemap of its official page.

By the looks of things, the cheaper iPhone would be called iPhone XR, and not iPhone XC, as some rumors making the rounds lately suggested.

The device will be available in six colors, namely black, white, red, yellow, coral, and blue. Apple will offer three different storage versions, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

Starting price of $699 in the US

While the name doesn’t make much sense right now, Apple is expected to discuss more about it at the company’s press event later today.

One tidbit that is still an enigma for everyone... (read more)

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