Apple’s iPhone Is Changing the World Once Again, Research Shows

One of the new features coming to iPhones with the 2018 generation is support for eSIM, which will enable Apple’s smartphones to offer dual-SIM support for the first time in history.

While this functionality will be enabled at a later time with an iOS 12 update, market research firm ABI Research says Apple introducing eSIM support on the iPhones is just the beginning of widespread adoption of this particular feature.

The company estimates that by 2022, the eSIM smartphone market could reach 420 million units annually, and it’s all thanks to Apple bringing it to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Other phone makers likely to use it too

The rest of the manufacturers are also expected to embrace this approach on their smartphones, starting with Samsung, who would probably bring eSIM to flagships first, ABI Research says.

“Samsung is a clear contender for the next Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) likely to launch an eSIM handset.

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