Apple’s September 12 Event Preview: iPhone XS Plus (6.5-inch)

Apple’s September 12 event will also witness the debut of the first Plus-sized iPhone X in history, which helps the company not only expand the phone lineup, but also offer a modern alternative to the Galaxy S9+.

The Plus brand was introduced with the iPhone 6, and since then, Apple rolled out new models with every single iPhone launch. Last year, however, the Plus-sized configuration was part of the iPhone 8 lineup, whereas the anniversary iPhone X landed in just one size.

For 2018, Apple has prepared an expanded lineup that will include not only an upgraded iPhone X, but also a bigger sibling that could possibly be branded as Plus.

Interestingly, there are contradictory reports regarding the name that Apple plans to use for this bigger model. While it makes sense for the company to call it iPhone XS Plus, it looks like that Cupertino would instead refer to both versions launching this year as iPhone XS, using the size of the scr... (read more)

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