Bye-Bye, Samsung: LG to Also Make iPhone OLED Screens

Samsung is currently the company building the OLED screens used on new-generation iPhones, but as part of Apple’s plans to reduce reliance on its rival, the company will soon begin using panels from LG Display too.

This isn’t a new plan, as Apple and LG started working on OLED production plans in 2017, but according to a new report, the sixth-generation flexible screens have recently passed all certification tests and can be used on iPhones.

Production will soon begin at the E6 plan in Korea, and LG will be in charge of supplying OLED screens for at least one iPhone model.

No specifics are available at this point, but it’s believed that the iPhone XS Max will be the one using LG screens, while the iPhone XS would continue to use Samsung displays.

Samsung displays making iPhones more expensive

Interestingly, analyst estimates point to rather modest sales of the iPhone

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