Canonical Releases Ubuntu 18.04.1 Desktop Image Optimized for Microsoft Hyper-V

Canonical has announced today the availability of an optimized Ubuntu Desktop images in the Microsoft Hyper-V gallery for Windows 10 Pro users who want to try out the latest Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Based on the latest Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver) release, the new Ubuntu Desktop image is now available for installation from the Microsoft Hyper-V gallery on Windows 10 Pro computers. It comes with a pre-configured xRDP server for communication with Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) protocol for allowing Windows 10 Pro users to experience the full Ubuntu Desktop running in Hyper-V as a virtual machine.

"Our friends over at Microsoft have worked with XRDP upstream to add support for their Enhanced Session Mode, which provides tight integration between a Windows host and the Ubuntu virtual machine running in Hyper-V. The next obvious.

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