Fierce Rivals Apple and Samsung Could Save Each Other from Major Phone Ban

Despite being fierce rivals in the smartphone world, Apple and Samsung are now fighting for a common goal: to win a legal dispute that would eventually end up with a ban of their products.

Specifically, Apple itself is involved in a legal dispute in Korea against the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), as the organization claims that several iPhone models infringe on one of its patents.

KAIST is seeking an import ban on a series of Apple devices, including iPhone X and iPhone 8, as it claims that they use its FinFET patent without authorization. Unless it pays for bundling the tech, Apple shouldn’t be allowed to use it on products sold in Korea, the organization claims.

Somewhat surprisingly, Samsung has a similar battle, also against KAIST but this time in the United States, and is struggling to prove that it’s not using the patent without approval.

What both companies are hoping to do is convince authorities that the patent which KAIST h... (read more)

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