Firmware 9.1.2 Is Now Available for Dovado Tiny AC and PRO AC Routers

Dovado has made available a new firmware package compatible with its Tiny AC and Pro AC wireless routers, namely version 9.1.2, which resolves a few problems that might have slipped along with the previous updates.

Specifically speaking, the present release fixes the incorrect DynDNS status when having multiple DynDNS profiles, and makes sure the learning feature works properly for Home Automation devices.

Besides these changes, the PRO AC model also gets support for U-blox GPSes, receives fixes for hard drive detection, and removes a bug that causes problems for the GPS coordinates on the southern hemisphere. 

When it comes to installation, first of all, make sure that your wireless unit isn’t already running the present version (or newer), and if all is OK, save and unzip the downloadable archive for your router model, and log into the dashboard (username and password are required).

Now, go to Upgrade > HTTP Upgrade, click the “Browse” button, navigate and sele... (read more)

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