Five-Camera LG V40 ThinQ to Arrive on October 3

After the rumored Nokia 10 with five cameras on the back, it's LG's turn to take center stage with the V40 ThinQ, its future flagship device, a smartphone rumored to have five cameras, two front-facing ones and a three-camera setup on the back.

The rumors started with the media invitations sent by LG Electronics to their October 3 event in New York where they will unveil the V40 ThinQ smartphone, letters which have the “Take 5. Come and see what’s next” phrase as a tagline.

LG Electronics also published a post on the company's blog where a short video teases a secondary unveil event on October 4 in South Korea at the LG Science Park.

If the LG V40 ThinQ is released with a five-camera setup, it might not be the only such device on the market seeing that Nokia might one-up them.

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