Five Subtle Microsoft Edge Updates You Might Miss in Windows 10 Version 1809

Windows 10 Redstone 5, which could hit the market as October 2018 Update, will bring several Microsoft Edge browser improvements, as the app continues to evolve in the operating system.

Microsoft uses new OS feature updates to deliver improvements for Microsoft Edge, as the company hasn’t yet brought the app to the Microsoft Store for more frequent releases.

But the October 2018 Update isn’t all about new features that you’d spot just after launching the browser, as it also brings more subtle changes that you may otherwise miss if you’re not looking carefully enough.

This is part of Microsoft’s work to refine the experience with Microsoft Edge, and the attention to small details is something that we should be pleased with. Every little small improvement that Microsoft brings to the app is responsible for eventually refining the experience with the browser, so even if updates aren’t easily noticeable at first, they play a key role.

Redstone 5 comes with many such ... (read more)

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