Green Hell Preview - An Exciting Adventure in the Making

Green Hell might look like a regular survival game, but it so vastly different from what we’ve played before that it might spawn a new subgenre.

If we take Green Hell apart, we’ll see that it’s made up of known things. It’s an FPS, and we’ve played that before. It’s a survival game, and we’ve done that in other games as well. It’s all about crafting the necessary items from what we find in nature, and we definitely played something along those lines in the past few years.

So, what makes Green Hell different from everything else? Most likely, it has to do with design and concepts, but most of all it’s a sort of impending doom feeling that looms at all times. It’s not possible to pinpoint what keeps the players on edge, but it’s most likely a combination of multiple factors.

At this point, I’m sure that some of you will throw some names at the screen, of games that you’ve played before and which sound similar. I’m here to tell that’s not the case and to explain why.... (read more)

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