How to Bring Back WWW and HTTP Flags in Google Chrome 69 Address Bar

Google Chrome 69 is quite a major release, not only because it celebrates the 10th anniversary of the browser, but thanks to the new features that are now available on all supported platforms.

First and foremost, there’s the new interface that features rounded tabs and an overall more modern look, which as I already explained, is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Fortunately, you can already return to the classic Google Chrome interface, and you can learn how by clicking on this link, though it goes without saying that the search company can block this hack at any point in the future.

So while you can restore the familiar browser look, it’s not known for how long this is going to work, but hopefully, it won’t go away too soon.

Another major change in Google Chrome 69 is how the browser handles WWW and HTTP/HTTPS flags in the address bar.

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