How to Create Desktop Shortcuts for Windows 10 Modern Apps

Microsoft has been pushing hard for modern apps ever since it rolled out Windows 8 nearly six years ago, but despite different concepts and several overhauls, they are still yet to gain traction.

The lack of developer support is often considered to be the main reason for the poor adoption of Microsoft Store apps, but in reality, there are also several other reasons why users decided to stick with Win32 programs.

One of the reasons is that they’re more familiar with the concept and they already know how to perform the most basic tasks, like creating a desktop shortcut.

Because believe it or not, but creating a desktop shortcut for a Microsoft Store app isn’t exactly as intuitive as you’d expect it to be and more than just a couple of clicks are needed in this regard.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that all Microsoft Store apps show up in the Start menu, so for better or worse, you can still launch any of them from this place. Nevertheless.

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