How to Disable Fluent Design in Windows 10 Version 1809

Fluent Design is Microsoft’s major visual overhaul now being rolled out to Windows 10, and the most recent feature updates have one by one brought such improvements to computers running the latest operating system.

Whether it’s acrylic or the reveal effect, Fluent Design is supposed to refine not only the way Windows 10 looks, but also to give a boost in terms of usability.

But just like it happened with Aero Glass, the famous cosmetic overhaul that was introduced in Windows 7, not everyone is a big fan of Fluent Design, and disabling it is very often the first thing they want to do.

It goes without saying that Microsoft hopes as many people as possible would stick with Fluent Design in Windows 10, especially as more improvements are being released, but at the same time, the company also wants to give users the power to customize the UI how they want.

And Windows 10, including the upcoming October 2018 Update, comes with options to disable Fluent Design,

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