How to Disable Hotkeys in Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Keyboard shortcuts, also known as hotkeys, are there in Windows to make it easier to use the operating system and perform certain tasks or launch specific features faster.

But while for many people it’s super-convenient to keep one hand on the keyboard just for hotkeys, others find them terribly annoying, especially when pressed by accident.

While I personally use hotkeys all day long, I can understand that some want to disable them, and at the same time, I know that doing this isn’t the easiest thing in Windows 10. Mostly because at first glance, you can’t actually disable hotkeys, and to make things worse for these users, every Windows 10 update brings more such keyboard shortcuts.

Fortunately, this isn’t impossible, though it involves more steps than it should. While Windows 10 Pro users can do this with the help of either the Group Policy Editor or the Windows Registry Editor, only the latter works on Windows 10 Home.

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