How to Download the Windows 10 ISO Directly from Microsoft

Windows 10 ISO images are part of every power user’s arsenal. They allow for clean-installs or in-place upgrades and help deal with issues that sometimes don’t seem to have a fix other than a full re-install of the operating system.

Microsoft itself offers dedicated ISOs for Windows releases, and as part of the Windows Insider program, the company publishes new images whenever a certain build reaches the Slow ring.

This is the moment when Microsoft believes that a particular build’s stability has reached an advanced stage, making it appropriate for users who opted for more reliable releases.

And new ISOs with such builds also enables these users to clean-install the ISO or upgrade directly to the most recent version, thus helping them save time.

When it comes to the latest stable version of Windows 10, which at this point is the April 2018 Update, downloading an ISO directly from Microsoft may not be as easy as it sounds.

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