How to Enable the Hibernate Feature in Windows 10 Version 1809

The hibernation mode in Windows 10 is a super-useful feature that comes in handy especially on laptops, as it allows you to save power, while at the same time not shutting down the device to lose your work.

Technically, it’s a more advanced sleep mode, and it comes in handy specifically when you know you’ll be away for much longer.

Microsoft itself says that hibernate was designed for laptop, and this is one of the reasons that some PCs do not have it. As the company explains:

“Hibernate uses less power than sleep and when you start up the PC again, you’re back to where you left off (though not as fast as sleep). Use hibernation when you know that you won't use your laptop or tablet for an extended period and won't have an opportunity to charge the battery during that time. First check to see if this option is available on your PC and if it is, turn it on.”

As you may have noticed, the hibernate option doesn’t show up by default in Windows 10 and you need to manu... (read more)

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