Indian Government Hates Cryptocurrency. Attackers Use Gov Websites for Mining.

Even though cryptocurrencies are effectively banned in India after India's Supreme Court decided to support the Reserve Bank of India's decision to ban all cryptocurrencies in the country, threat actors still keep going, using government websites as cryptocurrency miners.

High traffic government websites have been used in a cryptojacking campaign which allows bad actors to use the visitors' web browsers to silently mine for Monero coins in the background with the help of a JavaScript-based Coinhive miner script.

The researchers who found the Coinhive-infected websites said that the site of the director of municipal administration of Andhra Pradesh, of the Macherla municipality, and of the Tirupati Municipal Corporation are among the trove of sites used for illegal Monero mining.

Besides the three government websites, 119 other Indian sites have been detected as compromised and working in the shadows for their Coinhive-loving masters.

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