iPhone XS vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 - Little Brothers

Apple has refreshed its iPhone lineup with three different models, including a new 5.8-inch device that’s a direct successor to the iPhone X launched last year.

While the iPhone XC and the iPhone XS Max seem to be getting all the attention right now, iPhone XS is also a key part of Apple’s product portfolio for several reasons.

First and foremost, it’s a continuation of last year’s generation, and then, it comes with dimensions that are likely to meet the demands of more buyers than in the case of its bigger brother.

However, iPhone XS isn’t such a big overhaul from the original iPhone X, and in terms of looks, very little has changed. And like it happened with its predecessor, it’s a rival to the smaller model of Samsung’s latest flagship series, in this case, the Galaxy S9.

iPhone XS and Galaxy S9 are currently the leaders of two different worlds, coming with the absolute best combination of hardware and software. They are pretty much the top choices for everyo... (read more)

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