Microsoft Announces Antivirus Feature for Microsoft Office

Microsoft has recently announced that Office 365 client applications now support the so-called Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) to enable antivirus engines to scan, detect, and block malicious macros.

Infected macros have long been one of the biggest threats for Microsoft Office users, and the software giant says this new feature should help keep users protected when working with documents.

The biggest benefit from AMSI is that it’s an open interface that can work with pretty much any antivirus solution, so while by default it boasts Windows Defender integration, third-party products are supported too.

“Within a few weeks after the release of this new instrumentation in Office VBA and the adoption by Windows Defender ATP, we saw this multiplier effect, with signals from a few hundred devices protecting several tens of thousands of devices. Because Office AMSI feature exposes behaviors of the macro irrespective of content, language, or obfuscation, signals from on... (read more)

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