Microsoft Extends Windows 7 Support… for a Price

In Microsoft’s ideal world, everyone will have upgraded to Windows 10 by now, but that hasn’t yet happened. So, Microsoft is offering to keep supporting Windows 7 for a little while longer… if you’re willing to pay for the privilege.

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

In a blog post detailing how Microsoft is “helping customers shift to a modern desktop,” Microsoft has announced extended security updates for Windows 7. These will extend support for Windows 7 beyond January 14, 2020, when mainstream support is ending.
Microsoft states that it will “offer paid Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) through January 2023. The Windows 7 ESU will be sold on a per-device basis and the price will increase each year.” However, this price hasn’t yet been announced.

Extended security updates will be available to “all Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise customers in Volume Licensing, with a discount to customers with Windows software assurance, Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Education subscriptions.”
Unfortunately for IT departments looking for solutions, Microsoft no longer sells Windows 8, and Windows 10 is no longer available for free. So, one way or another, companies need to spend money to keep their systems safe and secure beyond 2019.

Windows 7 Is No Spring Chicken

This may sound harsh, but it should be noted that Microsoft launched Windows 7 in 2009. So even in 2020, it will be more than a decade old. And in 2023, when Microsoft is pulling support for good, Windows 7 will be a veritable teenager.
Regardless, despite the age of this revered operating system, it’s worth remembering that millions of PCs around the world are still being powered by Windows 7. If that’s still the case past 2020, or even 2023, then millions of more PCs will be vulnerable.

Is It Time to Upgrade to Windows 10?

Perhaps now is the time for businesses to seriously consider upgrading their systems to Windows 10 lock, stock, and barrel. After all, this is the last version of Windows ever, and Windows 10 does have some amazing features you may have overlooked until now.
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