Microsoft Hides a Ninja Cat Easter Egg in Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge is evolving on Android, and while Microsoft continues working on new features, the software giant also has time to build little surprises secretly bundled into the app.

The latest beta version of the browser, for example, displays a Ninja Cat Emoji in the navigation bar when you open more than 100 tabs.

By default, Edge comes with a small icon in the bar to show how many tabs are running in one browsing instance. But when this number exceeds 100, the icon turns into a Ninja Cat emoji to let you know that you already have way too many tabs open.

As Vishnu Nath, Head of Program Management at Microsoft, explains, this is an “Easter egg if you have a ton of open tabs.” It’s available only in the last beta and there are no specifics as to whether Microsoft wants to bring it to the stable versions as well.

Edge browser on Android

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