Microsoft Rolls Out August 2018 Firmware for Surface Book Devices

Microsoft has rolled out a new cumulative firmware and drivers pack developed for its Surface Book devices, namely the August 2018 version, which includes several changes that improve the unit’s overall security, stability, and graphics performance.

To be clear, the producer improves stability by installing new version for the Intel Camera, Graphics, Display Audio, HIDClass, SST, Serial IO, ME, CSI2, and Signal Processor 2500 drivers, Surface ME Firmware, and Microsoft Camera and Control Logic files.

In addition to that, the current update also improves graphics performance via the NVIDIA Graphics package, and improves system security through the 91.2289.769.0 Surface UEFI Firmware (includes Microsoft Security Advisory 180012 and 180013, as well).

When it comes to installation, save the downloadable file on your Surface unit, install all drivers included, and follow all instructions displayed on the screen for a complete and successful installation.
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